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Vision and Mission Statement

Whereas: The Monk Council will assist in developing a preservation master plan to serve as a framework and timeline for phased preservation projects, decision-making, fundraising, and appropriate historical interpretation; which will be a worthwhile effort.

Whereas: The Monk Council has embarked on a cemetery preservation project and restoration endeavor. Their parents, Conley F. Sr. and Olivia Hunter Monk were natives of North Carolina, the "tar heel state." But they take stock in the Newton Grove area because it is their ancestral home and where their family originated. The Monk Council is ecstatic about standing on the same grounds where their forefathers stood, centuries ago, and making decisions about the final resting place for future generations.

Whereas:The Monk Council is presenting a train ride to reach Rocky Mount, and Newton Grove, N.C. Rocky Mount is not only the birthplace of Thelonious Monk, but the equator to the I-95 corridor, and the gateway to the Monk Family heritage. All roads lead to Newton Grove, the ancestral grounds of the Monk Family Bloodline.

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