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Chorus Line: This Karaoke dynasty began through a simple conversation. Once upon a time in the Land of Music, around the year 1989, Pam, a music lover was told by her friend Tommy Williams that there was Karaoke at the Ebony Lounge. Tommy knew Pamela had an extensive musical background, so he wanted to know if she heard about this craze called Karaoke. Being the inquisitive person that she was, Pam asked, “What is Karaoke?” So she went to the Ebony Lounge to see for herself. Not knowing that this would start a new song about her life.

Verse One: Pam became a Karaoke “groupee” and was noticed by Dora, the provider of the karaoke service at that time. Dora approached Pam and asked her to venture into a Karaoke business relationship. While under the auspices of Dora’s Production, P.A.M. Productions first job was at Page One. She was assisted by her nieces, Olivia “Libby” Towns and Yvonne Towns Adams. They were not strangers to the bright lights and the bustling sounds of the entertainment world. So they infiltrated the Karaoke circuit with “gigs” at The Elks Club, Club East, Club Reformed, and Club Nile , just to name a few. Then, Pam’s business became very popular and high in demand. She began to find other jobs to dazzle the greater New Haven area. One day she received a called from Mitchell Dirton (RIP). He arranged for Karaoke to be set up at Park Haven, and Pam stepped out on faith to separate her business from Dora by purchasing her own equipment with the assistance of Kenny Powell and Hollywood.

Verse Two: Park Haven was very exciting and challenging. It was the “spot” and located by Goffe St. Park. On Sundays they would have Jazz and Jam Sessions. Pam’s first night was devastating because her new equipment did not work. She called for her backup and all her calls went unanswered. So, Pam became a woman in distressed. She looked around the room and spotted vocalist and bandleader, Earl Whitaker. Occasionally, Earl played at Park Haven on Sundays and prior to incident she did not know him. Pam pleaded with Earl to assist her with the equipment. He was such a gentleman and offered to help. Earl looked at the wires and stated, “This is spaghetti!” He worked his magic and the music started playing. This act of kindness created a lifelong relationship between Earl Whitaker and P.A.M. Productions.

Verse Three: Shortly thereafter, Earl joined the P.A.M. Productions staff. Most Karaoke services employ one or two staff, but Earl suggested that Pam should open up the staffing, initially; to include his daughter Selina and Joe Broadnax, but later they attracted vocalists from all over the state. Talented singers travelled all over to be apart P.A.M. Prods. paid staff, and all of them were forces to be reckoned with. Pam had created a platform where vocalists could showcase their talents. In 1995, Robert Fluitt joined the staff as a MC, and the desire to be apart of P.A.M. Productions grown way beyond one’s expectation. The P.A.M. Productions All Stars were so impressive that other cities and states challenged them for vocal battles. Needless to say, P.A.M. Productions won the championships.

Verse Four: From education to gospel, Pam is without limitation. She started her production company at Storer Cable Co. , the predecessor of CTV. The captivating programs that were created by this multi-talented visionary were creative, innovated, unique, original, and imaginative. Pam leads a high-powered, energetic, yet smooth and inspirational lifestyle, as showcased in her Karaoke business and TV programs. Pam’s production company name was derived from her initials, Pamela Ann Monk. P.A.M. PRODUCTIONS which includes activities in theater, dance, music, Karaoke, modeling and behind the scenes' duties such as set design, lighting, and camera work. Now, Terry Rogers and other skillful staff like Warren, have brought P.A.M. Productions to another level by adding the DJ services and computer technology. When Cordell joined the team, he changed the acronym P.A.M. to People about Music. P.A.M. Productions is a family of singers and their loyalty and commitment to P.A.M. Productions have been the foundation which this business was built on. “P.A.M. Productions for life”

Verse Five: And the beat goes on!

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