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To Sponsors, Donors, Family members and Friends,

Learning is a lifelong process. In this fast-changing world, there are always new skills to be acquired, new subjects to be mastered, and new insights to be gained. That is why our excursions are so popular and why we have been adding to our excitement every year. Each excursion is a time to revel our loved ones past victories, take stock of the present, and envision new possibilities for the future.

We are the Monk Council of New Haven. Our cousins are the late Jazz musician, Thelonious Monk and Football Hall of Famer, Art Monk. But, just to tell you a little about the Monk Family of Connecticut. Our civic contributions started in Connecticut, and now, we are branching out to North Carolina. Our parents are North Carolina natives, and they have provided care for over forty-five foster children, as well as raising nine children of their own to be successful citizens in the city of New Haven. They not only lived in the house that Thelonious Monk was born in, they owned the property until it was taken from them by the City of Rocky Mount through eminent domain. Many of our siblings were born in the house as well. Our family has continued humanitarian and philanthropic traditions; which involved completing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Monument on Long Wharf in New Haven, and helping to start and promote area businesses, Breast Cancer Awareness, Homeless Shelters and Scholarship Pageants. The City of New Haven has erected a street sign in our family's honor. Presently, we are embarking on another civic contribution in North Carolina, cemetery preservation. We are assisting in the development of a preservation master plan to serve as a framework and timeline for phased preservation projects, decision making, fundraising, and appropriate historic interpretation; which will be a worthwhile effort.

We are requesting that you provide us with a business or congratulatory advertisement from your establishment; which will be in our Souvenir Book. Our Train Ride and Excursion was April 15, 2016 to April 22, 2016. The Monk Family and the community traveled by railway from Connecticut, to reach Rocky MT. and Newton Grove, N.C. The Excursion included the Thelonious Monk Park, Bentonville Battle Grounds, Archibald Monk Heritage House, Monk ancestral and slave burial grounds and so much more…. all to be a part of a film documentary.

Please purchase an ad including a photo to honor your family elder or in memoriam of your ancestor! We are 501(c)3 non-profit organization under the fiduciary of The National Veterans Council for Legal Redress. Military Veterans will be featured and highlighted in the journal too! We ascertain that this journal will be a family treasure, and the Train ride is sure to be an adventure that will be enjoyed and remembered.


The Monk Council

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